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LINE-X® Industrial Coatings specialise in multi-purpose polyurea and polyurethane protective coatings, engineered and tested to ensure a superior protection unlike any other. LINE-X Industrial Coatings are environmentally-friendly, contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and provide solutions for businesses that are subject to industry-specific regulatory compliances and severe service environments. They are used every day across a diverse range of industries, from chemical to construction, defence to manufacturing, mining to petroleum, transportation and more.

LINE-X polyurethane/polyurea elastomer coatings provide the highest levels of corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance to companies around the world who are required to keep their equipment and systems running at optimum efficiency.

The potential applications are virtually unlimited for any business serious about protecting and prolonging the life of it's assets, whether its plant equipment, delivery infrastructures or simply providing a safer working environment.

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