Line-X Defence

LINE-X Defence

PAXCON® Protective Coatings is a division of LINE-X® that was created in response to the high demand for better protection for both policemen and soldiers abroad. LINE-X is continually expanding its range of PAXCON force-resistant protective coatings; which currently includes PX-2100 for anti-spalling protection and PX-3350 for blast mitigation protection. PAXCON Protective Coatings have been recognized and used by defence organisations all over the world including the U.S. Military, providing protection on both vehicles and buildings.

Our police and defence coatings are suitable for the following:

    • Government, military and private buildings.
    • Helicopter pads
    • HMMWVs (Humvees)
    • Coating of small-arms protective inserts for ballistic vests
    • Naval applications such as boat and submarine decks, and marine gangways
    • Civil and peacetime applications such as flight simulators, storage cases and UAV launch trailers
    • And more!